December 20, 2023

DMC Los Angeles: Unveiling the Magic of LA Experiences


Imagine a destination where creativity thrives at every corner, where the sunsets paint the sky with hues of gold and pink, and where endless opportunities await amidst a backdrop of innovation
Welcome to Los Angeles.

As a leading DMC in Los Angeles, we specialize in unveiling the city’s most luxurious and unique offerings. Whether you’re drawn to the glamour of Beverly Hills, the laid-back charm of Santa Monica’s beaches, the electric energy of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, or the artistic culture in the heart of Downtown LA, our expertise lies in matching your program goals with tailor-made events that capture the essence of LA in an unforgettable way.



Let your guests experience being a “Star for a Day” at a Hollywood studio! This glamorous adventure will start with an insider’s look backstage within the studio, followed by the full celebrity experience! Guests will start their journey with hair and makeup, followed by professional styling and wardrobe of the guest’s celebrity of choice. Time then to join the rest of the group and enjoy lunch amongst the studio set – This type of experience offers the chance to step into the shoes of a Hollywood star!

The IE Touch: Consider enhancing the lunch experience with a presentation from a Studio Executive, a screening of an upcoming show, or a stunt demonstration!

cowboy jackets

Choose from an array of iconic characters for your transformation – become the adventurous Captain Jack Sparrow, the timeless Forrest Gump, the regal Princess Leia, or the daring Maverick from Top Gun, among many others. This diverse selection allows each guest to step into the shoes of their favorite cinematic figures.

guests watching some stunts

Before enjoying our specially curated lunch, guests are treated to an insider’s look at Hollywood’s stunt work. Our custom demonstration reveals the intricate artistry and skill behind those breathtaking movie stunts, adding an extra layer of thrill and authenticity to your Hollywood experience.

find dining long table
glass house



The Sheats-Goldstein Residence, showcased in our DMC Los Angeles offerings, is a testament to the luxurious lifestyle of Hollywood. Donated by James Goldstein, the ‘NBA Superfan,’ to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, this Lautner-designed mansion is a standout in the Hollywood Hills. It’s not just a residence; it’s a piece of cinematic history, having appeared in commercials, music videos, and most famously, as Jackie Treehorn’s home in “The Big Lebowski.”

An evening here offers endless views of Los Angeles, accompanied by the sounds of a well-known local LA DJ, signature cocktails, and upscale food stations throughout the mansion, allowing guests to enjoy the spectacular architectural spaces. The experience can be further enriched by including access to the home’s private nightclub.

The IE Touch: Consider adding a celebrity “liquor” tasting station with the latest sips, or a Hermes gifting station for guests with the latest male and female fragrances. For an extraordinary start to the after-party at the mansion’s purpose-built nightclub, a curated performance can set the perfect tone.

nice interior design
ladies posing

Consider a curated performance to kick off the after-party at the home’s purpose nightclub! Click the image above to watch this performance.


Discover a beach paradise with our DMC Los Angeles services on the sun-kissed shores of Santa Monica. Whether you’re looking for a surf-and-sand adventure filled with beach activities, a Baywatch-themed reception, or an upscale daytime beach bash, our team is dedicated to crafting every detail to your preferences. This experience is designed to capture the heart of coastal California, offering an unforgettable evening by the ocean.

The IE Touch: Enhance your beach day with additional touches like a workout session led by a celebrity trainer, personalized embroidered beach towels, or an interactive gifting station where guests can choose a local Southern California beach hat.

handling hats to guests


Choosing the right hotel that fits a program is essential. Our expert team, providing DMC services for Los Angeles, works with wonderful properties throughout the city. These hotels offer more than just a place to sleep; they are settings for experiences, tailored to meet the unique needs of each group. Explore the standout hotels featured in this edition of Insider’s Look.

fancy room

Pendry West Hollywood’s Skyline Rooms feature clear views of both downtown L.A. and the Wilshire Corridor from higher floors.

Pendry West Hollywood

Pendry West Hollywood’s Skyline Rooms feature clear views of both downtown L.A. and the Wilshire Corridor from higher floors. Situated on the Sunset Strip, the Pendry combines glamour with modern amenities. This luxury hotel, part of the Montage brand, captivates with its exclusive feel. It offers a rooftop pool, wellness spa, an exclusive social club, and Wolfgang Puck restaurants. The rooms, adorned with Hollywood Regency accents, create timeless glamour. The signature Moet Chandon vending machine adds a unique touch.

IE INSIGHT: The Pendry has distinct spaces for onsite events. Its art-deco design and trendy art installations are captivating. Built on the former site of the House of Blues, it features the Sun Rose music studio and The Britley social club, offering versatile spaces for everything from elegant dinners to casual after-parties with bowling lanes.

Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel

Since 1928, Beverly Wilshire has been a preferred address for celebrities and the elite. Located near Rodeo Drive, it offers designer shopping, fine dining, and stunning views. The newly renovated guest rooms reflect the hotel’s 94-year history with a refined design. It features a Mediterranean-style pool, a renowned spa, and restaurants like the Michelin-recommended CUT Restaurant.

IE INSIGHT: Beverly Wilshire’s history and luxury make it ideal for upscale meetings or incentive programs. Its proximity to Rodeo Drive and versatile event spaces offer a true Beverly Hills experience, from personalized shopping to al fresco dinners on Rodeo.

The Maybourne Beverly Hills

Located in Beverly Hills’ Golden Triangle, The Maybourne offers a sophisticated escape with a European piazza charm. It features a curated art collection, an unparalleled spa, and a rooftop pool with views of the Hollywood Hills. The Terrace restaurant and the new Dante NYC bar and restaurant provide chic dining experiences.

IE INSIGHT: The Maybourne’s art collection and luxury blend with modern spaces for a unique experience. Its ballroom, Cigar + Whiskey lounge, and open terraces make it perfect for gala dinners or exclusive VIP events.


Newly Renovated Signature Guestroom at Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel


The iconic streetside view of the Beverly Wilshire,
known for its debut in the film Pretty Woman.


The Beverly Canon Gardens at The Maybourne.

whiskey bar

The Cigar + Whiskey Bar at The Maybourne. Great for a VIP or Afterparty Event.


LA Fun Facts: Discoveries with Your DMC for Los Angeles

  • The Hollywood Sign originally said “Hollywoodland”.
  • The LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) is the largest art museum in the western United States, showcasing the city’s rich cultural heritage.
  • The Griffith Observatory, one of the most featured locations in Hollywood films, offers breathtaking views of the city.
  • The Port of Los Angeles, the busiest container port in North America, underscores LA’s role as a global trade hub, ideal for international business events.
  • Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is one of the world’s most exclusive luxury destinations, featuring shops like Versace, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.
  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame boasts 2700 stars, celebrating the luminaries of the entertainment industry.

For personalized and unique experiences in Los Angeles, reach out to Insider Experience, your expert DMC for Los Angeles. Our team is dedicated to creating unforgettable moments in this vibrant city.

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