May 17, 2021

Maui & Lanai Hotel Buyout Guide Released

We all look forward to the day when organizations will meet in Hawaiʻi once again! As we look to returning to F2F meetings and events, hotel full or partial buyouts will allow companies to create a safe environment, a sanctuary where attendees feel relaxed and at ease.

Imagine your attendees’ delight as they enter their own private space with the highest level of personalization and exclusive access to amenities. Every guest will feel recognized and rewarded in a safe and intimate setting.

Buying out a hotel or area has always provided unmatched opportunities for branding, employee motivation, product promotion, and creative dining and event options. Whether it’s a wing, a floor, or the whole hotel, exclusivity offers groups a level of privacy and confidentiality, provides the ability to customize the service experience for guests, and display custom messaging.

The team at Insider Experience has compiled this guide as an easy reference. We hope that you find it helpful!

Mahalo to our hotel partners for their kind assistance in creating this directory


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